The Road of Darkness

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The Road of Darkness is the story of Addison. She’s a young Southern Belle in early 1700 Louisiana with a love for Voodoo. She’s a child of privilege, but never really let it go to her head. She was always a little odd.
On an innocent outing, Addison falls prey to a supernatural predator. A vampire. He attacks and turns her, then leaves her to lost and alone with this new hunger for blood. However, unlike most, she embraces this new ‘life’. She finds delight in it. A darkness grows within her.
Like any young vampire left to fend for themselves, she stumbles in her new existence. She meets others here and there, and the world of the paranormal opens up to her.
Due in part to her thrill of bloodlust, she becomes fascinated with war. Soon she is moving from country to country, war to war. Mans evolution and technology in the art of warfare intrigues her.
Through her time and adventures, she has fleeting bits of both happiness and sorrow. The darkness within her will only allow her so much happiness.
Her link with all things Voodoo brings her into the servitude of the Baron Semedi, demi-god of the Underworld. A deal gone bad. It only serves to deepen that darkness.

Can anyone help her before she does irrevocable damage to both an entire city of innocent people…and herself?


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Zoe Ambler: cat lover, coffee enthusiast, zombie apocalypse dreamer.


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22 comments on “The Road of Darkness

  1. I would make a static page with my book title on it if I were truly trying to promote my book. That way when people click your link it is the first thing they see. Just a tip. πŸ™‚

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  2. Larry Smith says:

    I just love the snippets!! I can’t wait to be able to buy the book. I will definitely be trying to get a hard copy. And you are very beautiful. Your man is a real lucky dude…

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  3. I see you made the static page! Well done! πŸ™‚


  4. thatssojacob says:

    Hey there Zoe! Just tuned in and gave you a follow. If you’d like to return the favor, find me at Have a great day πŸ™‚

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  5. Leona says:

    Don’t forget to add your books on goodreads and create an author page there too. Goodreads community is awesome. There are also genre groups, some of which have book promotion sections.


    • Zoe Ambler says:

      Thank you! I’ve been looking at Goodreads, making sure I follow guidelines and whatnot. I’m also looking into Smashwords and Scribd. I am making sure I follow and understand the proper procedures and stuff. Want to look my best!! πŸ˜€


  6. Congratulations on your publication!

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  7. vlandaman says:

    Amazing! πŸ˜‰


  8. Janice Wald says:

    I know Sally, Semra, Yelling Rosa, Jacqui…
    My cousin’s name is Zoe. This sounds like an intriguing book. Trying to figure out if he’ll turn out to be a sympathetic vampire like Edward Cullen or not. Sci/fi fantasy is my favorite literary genre. I am a licensed English teacher.
    I’m Janice. I’m glad you liked my article at Chris’s site about how to connect Twitter and your website. Pleased to meet you.


  9. Janice Wald says:

    I back to say thank you so much for following my blog! Welcome!


  10. This is my type of story! Nice.


  11. Hey haven’t heard from you in awhile. Thought I’d pop in and say HI! I ran across this music video and for some reason (I really don’t know why) thought you would like it.

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  12. Congrats on the book, Zoe. It sounds dark and dark is great!


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